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Advanced Cloud Computing Technique

INSTED CLOUD is the first commercially available thermal-hydraulic analysis software to run on the cloud. An easy-to-use interface is available online to enable you setup and run your thermal analysis project.

INSTED Heat Exchanger Modules

  • Plate-Fin
  • Flate-Frame
  • Shell & Tubes
  • Concentric Tubes
  • Cross Flows
  • Cold Plate
  • Manifold-Microchannel

INSTED Basic Thermal-Hydraulic Modules

  • Heat Conduction
  • Analysis of Fin/Fin Arrays
  • Internal Flow/Heat Transfer
  • External Flow Analysis
  • Heat Transfer/Flow over Tube Banks
  • Series Piping Systems
  • System Simulation

INSTED Database

During the simulation, INSTED provides you access to a huge database of thermo-physical properties and modules for calculating certain design data for thermal-hydraulic analysis.

INSTED Versions INSTED Modeling Procedures Discrete Method Differential Equation Method
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