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Heat Conduction


  • Heat flow rate
  • Temperature difference
  • Thickness of a specified layer
  • Supports specified temperature, film coefficient and radiation conditions at one or the two external surfaces.
  • Supports fins at the surfaces.
  • Grouping into material types makes the analysis of complicated systems very easy.
  • Up to 100 material types and 50 layers.
  • Radial wall
  • Slab Wall
  • Number of layers
  • Number of material types
  • Surface boundary condition type
  • Surface film coefficient (depending on surface conditions)
  • Surface temperature (depending on surface conditions)
  • Indication of radiation at surfaces
  • Indication of fins at the surfaces
  • Conductivity (for each material layer)
  • Depth (for each material layer)
  • Radius (for each material layer, for radial wall)
  • Net resistance
  • Net temperature difference
  • Total heat transfer rate
  • Resistance (for each layer)
  • Temperature in (for each layer)
  • Temperature out (for each layer)
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