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CFD module: solver interface CFD module: grid generation CFD module: post processing
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The computation Fluid Dynamics (CFD) programs include:

  • INSTED/CFD Mesh Generator
  • INSTED/CFD Solver
  • INSTED/CFD Post-Processor


  • Heat conduction, Free convection, Mixed convection, Conjugate heat transfer, Steady or unsteady flows, Laminar and turbulence flows, Adiabatic walls, heat flux, Prescribed temperatures
  • Features a truly automatic mesh generator that drastically reduces the effort required to create discretized models
  • High quality mesh algorithm that typically produces close to square elements, when possible
  • Allows the integration of structured and unstructured meshes
  • Easy application of boundary conditions - boundary conditions may be applied to lines or to nodes
  • Finite element solver
  • Storage of time-history data
  • Axisymmetric problems can be analyzed
  • Convection problems
  • Supports body forces
  • Turbulent flows
  • Full 3-D post-processor with 3-D views
  • Plot of time history data
  • Contour plots of solution variables
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