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AEROFLO CLOUD Subscription Plans

There are two types of subscription to AEROFLO CLOUD: Commercial and Academic. Commercial Plans apply to any on-academic usage, while Academic Plans are intended for use with the teaching of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) courses at colleges and universities.

AEROFLO CLOUD Commerical Plans

Usage under the commercial plan is measured in CPU-Hours. After you have purchased the desired number of CPU-Hours , you can immediately begin to use AEROFLO for your projects..Below are the available commercial plans. Note that if you are a TASC member, you will receive a discount for all TTC’s products and services.

Commerical Plans
Plans Non-TASC Member TASC Member TASC Associate TASC Fellow
200 CPU Hours $100.0 $95.0 $90.0 $80.0
1000 CPU Hours $400.0 $380.0 $360.0 $320.0
5000 CPU Hours $1600.0 $1520.0 $1440.0 $1280.0
10000 CPU Hours $2500.0 $2375.0 $2250.0 $2000.0


In the Academic Course Plan, you choose both the duration of need (in months) and the number of nodes that you need for the course. You can run any AEROFLO projects which require smaller or equal to the maximum number of nodes allowed for your license before the expiration date. Below are the available Academic Course Plans. Note that you cannot purchase Academic plans online. Please contact TTC if you are interested in it.

Academic Course Plans
Plans 1 CPU Node 2 CPU Node 4 CPU Node 8 CPU Node
One Month $65.0 $130.0 $520 $1040.0
Three Months $180.0 $360.0 $720.0 $1440.0
Six Months $320.0 $640 $1280 $2560.0
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