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INSTED CLOUD Subscription Info

Terms of Subscription


You can pay the subscription fee online via Paypal. Both bank checking accounts and credit cards are accepted.


TTC currently does not support automatic subscription renewal.


TTC will accept subscription cancellation if genuine mistakes have been made druing the subscription purchasing process.

How CPU-Hour is calculated?

First of all, please be aware that what we refer to as CPU-Hour here is actually Core-Hour, in the sense that a CPU processor in these days of virtualization could contain many sub-processes commonly referred to as cores. We have retained the CPU-Hour terminology in order to be consistent with the pre-virtualization days.

CPU-Hour is calculated on the basis of the expected computation time and the number of nodes for the computation. You can request for as many nodes as are required to complete the analysis of your problem, including running your problem in a parallel computing environment, which is the default mode in AEROFLO CLOUD.. For example, a parallel calculation that runs on 8 cores for 1 hour will require 8 CPU-Hours.

What is TASC?

TASC stands for TTC’s Advanced Simulation Club. Membership grade depends on your simulation experience and your organization's volume of business with TTC. There are three grades of TASC membership: Member, Associate Fellow, and Fellow. TASC membership comes with benefits. Click here to learn more about TASC and how to become a member.

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