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AEROFLO Sample Problems (Desktop Version Only)

These problems involve both canonical and more complicated problems with complex geometries and/or flow physics. The complex problems usually require the use of multiple computational grid blocks, for which AEROFLO must be executed in parallel. Instructions on AEROFLO execution in parallel are contained in the problem description.

Note the emphasis, for the more geometrically complex problems, is on the high-order accurate methods that are used for these problems, in spite of the complexity in the geometries of the problems.

The following is a list of the problems. Click on each link to access problem description, set up files, and the computational grids used for the calculations. Comparison of AEROFLO results with experimental data and/or other numerical results are also provided.

Converging-Diverging Nozzle

Shu-Osher Shock Tube Problem

Hypersonic Flow past a Cylinder

Flow past a Cylinder 

Flow past a Cylinder (Multiblock)

Shock-Boundary Layer Interaction

Laminar flow over a Flat Plate

Laminar flow over a Flat Plate (Multiblock)

Turbulent flow over a Flat Plate

Flow over an Airfoil (NACA0012)

Flow over an Airfoil (NACA0012) (Multiblock)

Flow over an Airfoil (RAE2822)

Backward-Facing Step

Flow past a wedge

Prandtl-Meyer Expansion over a 15o corner at Mach =2.5

Onera M6 Wing Calculations

Onera M6 Wing Calculations (Multiblock)

Boeing 747 Airplane

HIFiRE Flight Test Article

Flow Past a V-Gutter Bluff Body

Acoustic Characteristics of a 3D Jet


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