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Pipe Schedules

The INSTED/Database allows you to access pipe dimensions for the following types of pipes:

  • Wrought steel and iron pipes
  • Seamless copper water tubing
  • Heat exchanger tubes (condenser tubes)

The wrought steel and wrought iron pipe dimensions are based on a nominal diameter and a schedule. It is important to note that the nominal diameter does not necessarily correspond to the actual inner or outer diameter of the pipe. The pipe schedule is an indication of the thickness of the pipe, where larger schedules infer thicker pipes. Therefore, two pipes with the same nominal diameter can have different pipe schedules.

Copper tubes have thinner walls and can only sustain low fluid pressures compared to wrought iron pipes. However, the dimension specifications are similar to those of wrought iron pipes.

The dimension specification for condenser tubes follow the Birmingham wire gauge (BWG) standard. The outer diameter specification corresponds to the actual pipe outer diameter.

The following information is provided for each pipe:

  • Actual outer diameter (in meters, inches, centimeters and feet)
  • Actual inner diameter (in meters, inches, centimeters and feet)
  • Wetted area per unit length (m2 and ft2)

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Pipe schedules

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