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Analysis of Fin and Fin Arrays


  • Single fin
  • Array of fins
  • Detailed analysis (exact closed-form, one-dimensional)
  • Approximate analysis
  • Rectangular, Triangular, Parabolic, Inverse parabolic, Annular round fin with rectangular profile, Trapezodial, Conical spine, Cylindrical spine, Annular square fin with rectangular profile
For detailed analysis only:
  • Infinitely long fin
  • Heat transfer coefficient at fin end
  • Insulated fin end
  • Specified heat flux at fin end
  • Analysis type (detailed or approximate analysis)
  • Model type (single fin or fin array)
  • Fin type
  • Fin geometry (depending on fin type may be thickness of fin, length of fin or inner and outer radius of fin)
  • Thermal conductivity of fin material
  • Film coefficient
  • Base temperature of fin
  • Ambient temperature
  • Boundary condition at fin end (for detailed analysis)
  • Number of fins (for fin arrays)
  • Total surface area (for fin arrays)
  • Heat flow rate
  • Area of fin
  • Fin efficiency
  • Fin resistance
  • Total heat flow rate (for fin array)
  • Total fin efficiency (for fin array)
  • Total fin resistance (for fin array)
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